the dandy

“I love to read and interpret the characters of the people who I design for”, says Itamar Zechoval, designer, founder and alter ego of the Dandy. “My work is to find out their interests, how they feel about clothes, the way they move, and together we can create perfection.” Itamar’s creative approach is theatrical, dramatic and yet ironic, as manifested in past works like international prêt-a-porter collections, costumes and image items.

The Createur

Departing on his professional journey, Itamar Zechoval left his home country Israel at the age of 21 to study fashion design in Milan where he lived and worked for over ten years. Fashion became the stage for his ideas, where he finally could combine his extraordinary talent with his passion. Itamar’s theatri­cal, dramatic and yet ironic creative approach was made manifest in numerous works varying from cos­tumes and conceptual editorials to prêt-a-porter collections and image items.

With Dandy of the Grotesque he fuses the manifold experiences that he gained in his career as designer, art director and personal createur for performing artists, like Marilyn Manson. With his vision he creates a dialogue between the initial de­sign inspiration and the character who is wearing his garments and vice versa.